Have a look at what we’ve been up to the last few months or check out the complete chronological list of films played at The Duke, going all the way back to our inception in 2007, on our IMDB page.

24 August 2019

The Duke Mitchell Film Club returns to Arrow Video FrightFest this year on 24 August! Join us as we take over the Discovery Screen with the UK premiere of HAPPY FACE, followed by our annual late-night film party!

28-31 July 2019

Come and join us for our sixth DukeFest as we take you on another four-night journey into the outer reaches of film! Get ready for premieres, trailers, 35MM action, found footage, VHS oddities and much more as we return to our two favourite venues!

25 August 2018

The Duke is thrilled to present LIFE AFTER FLASH at this year’s FrightFest! s. It chronicles the making of the 1980 film version of Flash Gordon and its eventual cult following, with particular focus placed on how the life and career of Sam J. Jones!

8 – 11 July 2018

DUKEFEST LIVES! Our annual festival of film mayhem returns to London for its fifth year this July! Expect: premieres, trailers,
35MM action, found footage, VHS oddities and much more! Join us at the Prince Charles Cinema and PimpShuei!

26 August 2017

The Duke is proud to present COLD HELL at this year’s FrightFest! The bastard child of 80’s serial killer films and Żuławski , ‘Cold Hell’ is a relentless, brutal and violent journey into the heart of dark Vienna and a violent clash you won’t soon forget!

9 – 12 July 2017

DUKEFEST is back! Our 4th annual festival of film mayhem returns to London this July! Expect premieres, 35MM action, VHS oddities, found footage and more! Join us at the Prince Charles Cinema for our special mix of cinemayhem!

27 August 2016

The Duke Mitchell Film Club will be taking over Discovery Screen 3 at Horror Channel FrightFest this year on 27 August! Join us for two fantastic film screenings (BEYOND THE WALLS and KARAOKE CRAZIES) and our annual late night party!

3 August 2016

Join the Duke for an ultra-rare screening of Robert Altman’s obscure teen comedy O.C. & STIGGS at the Prince Charles Cinema! The 35mm screening will be preceded by a mystery 35mm trailer reel! Double whammy!

26 – 29 June 2016

DUKEFEST THE THIRD! Our annual festival of film mayhem returns to London for its third edition! Expect premieres, 35MM action, VHS oddities, found footage and more! Join us at the Prince Charles Cinema and PimpShuei!

4 April 2016

This April Alex is heading all the way to Philadelphia, USA to represent The Duke at the Cinedelphia Film Festival! Join us as we run through the show we’ve put together and unleash on you the best of our Found Footage finds!

30 March 2016

Join us as we celebrate the 100th Duke Night with an Early April Fools’ Special! The 100th night couldn’t fall on a more appropriate evening as our Early April Fools’ special is our annual salute to the worst that cinema has to offer.

23 February 2016

Swooping in this February, The Duke boys are coming to save your soul – or at least attempt to ease its sinful pain!

Whilst scouring the archives for films, they came across a gem of a film – ‘Geronimo’.

26 January 2016

In 1979, Iranian filmmaker John S. Rad moved to the U.S. to shoot his dream project, a rampaging gutter epic of crime, revenge, & cop sex. 26 years later, he completed an action film masterpiece the world isn’t ready for: DANGEROUS MEN

25 January 2016

We’re kicking off 2016 by taking you back into the past, to a time when Video Stores ruled the high street, when Be Kind Rewind was a motto to live by and when our minds were expanded by the content of simple little black plastic cases!

26 November 2015

Get your festive season off to the perfect start with our Early Christmas Special where it’s all Christmas films all night long. Join the Duke & friends as we celebrate the season with the little seen Christmas drama ‘The Gathering’!

26 October 2015

Come along as we’ll be tempting you to sell your soul for our devilishly good giveaways on the night plus who knows what else might be lurking in the darkness ready to pounce when you’re least expecting it… Dare you miss this night?

22 September 2015

Join us as we celebrate the spirit of Austin’s Fantastic Fest with a night of weird and wonderful film! Yes we’ve unearthed another bucket full of strangeness with a Vegas set thriller about a dance instructor that’s packed with prime Duke oddness.

29 August 2015

Join us as we take over one of the FrightFest screens and invite along as many festival guests and friends of ours as possible to indulge in a wild night of strange clips, weird trailers, obscure footage, exclusive previews and more!

27 July 2015

The Duke turns 8 this year and we’d love for you to come and join us for a trip into the stranger side of film! Check out obscure trailers, strange shorts, found footage, odd clips, mystery slots, giveaways and much more!

28 June – 1 July 2015

DukeFest is back! After an incredibly successful festival in 2014 (not to mention crazy and fun!) we are bringing our own brand of movie madness back for 2015: A year that is sure to blow your head off with found footage, VHS experiments & more!

26 May 2015

It’s that time of the year again when we celebrate our very own Evrim’s birthday by handing him the reins for the evening. In true Duke fashion we’ve decided to give it a twist: a surprise, RARE feature that we’ll all watch for the first time as a treat.

27th April 2015

This April, The Duke Mitchell Film Club is preparing for a first: a guest curator. Joe from Aorta Burst will be stepping into the Duke ring to present what he thinks is best for the audience for a one-time-evening-show.

9 April 2015

The Duke Mitchell Film Club – in association with Peccadillo Pictures and Prince Charles Cinema – presents Der Samurai: A special screening with Director intro, Q&A and more! Join us for one of our favorite films from last year!

30th March 2015

It’s that time of year again, the time when we pay tribute to all things bad that cinema has to offer! Join us for the worst, strangest and downright odd films, trailers and clips that we could find as we ring in another April Fools Day special!

23 February 2015

As days start getting longer and winter slowly passes us by, The Duke is having a one-of-a-kind of clear-out: yes, this month we’re delving into our archives to bring you a night of shorts which we’ve collected over the years but were never able to fit in!

26 January 2015

Back from the holiday hiatus to kickstart 2015 the only way we know how, The Duke Mitchell Film Club has prepared one of the most entertaining & incendiary evenings he has ever offered with side lashings of drinks, delirium & debate!

24 November 2014

No, not Santa, but The Duke bringing you EARLY Yule Tidings again for 2014 – yes, folks, The Duke is back with another edition of his Christmas Bonanza with a very special Christmas show featuring one of the rarest Christmas movies ever seen!

27 October 2014

October means The Duke’s favourite time of the year – yes, Halloween when the temperature drops and the ghost and the ghoulies come out to play! As always The Duke has spent the entire year collecting the best horror shorts out there!

19 September 2014

Join us for a night of VHS mayhem as we celebrate Alex’s return from the Everything Is Festival! He’s returned with a haul of VHS obscurities that we’ll be checking out on the night with a special Los Angeles edition of The Great VHS Experiment.

23 August 2014

Who says the only party can happen at The Phoenix after hours? Come and join The Duke Mitchell Film Club in our first Film4 FrightFest outing as we bring our own brand of insanity to the Discovery Screen at Vue Leicester Square.

18 August 2014

This August – The Duke turns 7 and as always we’ve come up with a party that is sure to please even the most jaded of film club attendees: trailer trash slots both new and old, our usual quiz but with a new twist, mad shorts, and more!

29 June – 2 July 2014

Welcome to DukeFest Zero, the first-ever Duke Mitchell Film Club film festival! We’ve assembled 4-nights of the most entertaining, enjoyable and downright strangest films and events we could think of and we want to share them with you!

27 May 2014

This year The Duke will be celebrating an evening dedicated to that most delicate and delicious of sins – sensory excess. Sounds, colours, visuals and more to overwhelm the senses will be at the helm of the programme.

28 April 2014

Get ready for a super sensory overload as we take you on a trip into the future with our total SCI-Fi FREAKOUT experience! Join us as we screen one of the weirdest, most out there, most mind expandingly unique films we’ve ever shown: SPLIT (1989).

31 March 2014

Join us this month for the one night of the year where we celebrate everything that’s bad about film. Yes it’s an evening dedicated to the most entertainingly bad films we can find! We’ve been scoring the world all year to get ready for tonight!

24 February 2014

Following the recent passing of Sir Run Run Shaw The Duke is dedicating February to that most legendary of film studios: Shaw Brothers. Join us as we pay tribute to the studio that helped launch the martial arts film as we know it!

27 January 2014

Are you ready to take a chance on The Duke and follow us into the darkest, deepest reaches of celluloid mayhem? Bring your sense of adventure along and join us as we get 2014 off to a challenging and mindbending start!

25 November 2013

The Duke has dug through our archives archives to unearth a delicious Christmas themed doozy: ‘Tales Of The Third Dimension’ a rare anthology from the 1980’s which will blow your mind three ways from Sunday.

28 October 2013

Continuing a well-loved tradition, this Halloween The Duke has lovingly prepared for you the most unique and unusual selection of short horror films – some new, some old – from all across the world that he can’t wait to unleash on you!

30 September 2013

The Duke invites you all to come join him on an unparalleled, and one of a kind evening: An open format night where anyone and EVERYONE is encouraged to bring the weirdest, most far-out videos they have EVER found!

19 August 2013

Anyone who has been to one of our birthday parties will know that this is a no-holds-barred, anything-goes kind event: There will be double the amount of crazy trailers, sweet but shocking shorts, and a totally unusual, absolutely fun quiz.

29 July 2013

With the help of the audience, The Duke will curate an hour’s worth of trailers from a selection of randomly chosen tapes: Will the trailers be good, bad, familiar, weird? Everything will rely on chance and the wonder of the VHS tape.

28 July 2013

In conjunction with ‘Night Of The Trailers’ The Duke has the honour and pleasure of presenting the UK Premiere of ‘Adjust Your Tracking: The Unknown Story Of The VHS Collector’ preceded by a 1-hour long VHS trailerific special.

26 June 2013

Director Ngai Choi Lam is be best known around the world for ‘Story of Ricky-O’, however he also made a series of increasingly fantastical, offbeat and utterly unique films including his little seen 1983 ultra-violent epic: ‘Men From The Gutter’.

29 May 2013

Samurai Cop is simply one amazing scene after the other and it’s the perfect film to watch with a Duke audience. You’ll see terrible car chases, awfully staged action sequences and simply unwatchable sex scenes, but you’ll love every second of it.

24 April 2013

Come and join us as the Duke pays tribute to the world of Canadian exploitation filmmaking with Canuxploitation, a night where we’ll celebrate some of Canada’s weirdest, most violent and downright fun cinematic offerings.

27 March 2013

This April Fools’ the Duke proudly presents a cinematic delight that almost no-one has seen – yes, we’re talking about ‘Breathing Fire’ – a film that stars not only Jonathan Ke Quan but also the amazing, mind-blowing, stiltedly brilliant Bolo Leung!

27 February 2013

Who is Yadigar Ejder? That’s the question The Duke is looking to answer this month: A stunt man, character actor, dedicated member of Turkish Cinema, pauper, forgotten soul… Ejder embodies forgotten actors in films everywhere!

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