19 September 2014

LA – VHS Style

Come and join us on Friday 19 September (yes we’re on a Friday night for various reasons), as we celebrate Alex’s return from Everything Is Festival with a VHS party!

Instead of relaxing on the beach Alex was scouring the second hand stores of LA and making contact with some of the big name hitters in West Coast VHS collecting. He’s returned with a haul of VHS obscurities that we’ll be checking out on the night with a special Los Angeles edition of The Great VHS Experiment. Plus we’ll be watching two ultra-obscure and long sought after VHS finds in their entirety during the evening. All we can say about these two is that they’re not films; you’ll have to come along on the night to find out just what’s so special about these two finds!

We’ll also have a super special edition of Trailer Trash and we’ll be playing the funniest clip from the entire Everything Is Festival weekend, this clip brought the house down and had people jumping up and down on their chairs, you won’t believe it when you see it!

So join us for a night of VHS mayhem as we head off to explore LA: VHS Style!