23 February 2016

Swooping in this February, The Duke boys are coming to save your soul – or at least attempt to ease its sinful pain!

Whilst scouring the archives for films, they came across a gem of a film – ‘Geronimo’.  Imagine the younger version of the gang from ‘Assault on Precinct 13’ find themselves sent to a Christian summer camp for the summer and you’re halfway there: this amazing story of REAL ghetto kids playing themselves next to ‘saved’ youths lead by Jeremy who is mad at God for letting his sister die is not only unbelievably entertaining, it’s also mind-blowingly weird and incredibly funny – prime Duke material.

But that’s not all. The Duke will also have an amazing trailer show with a religious slant, a short to help you find the way and a quiz with prizes to help you say ‘Hallelujah’ and more.

So this February Tuesday 23rd come on down to The Phoenix Artist Club and see the religious world in a whole new light through the Duke’s eyes.