26 June 2013

Hong Kong Madness

Join The Duke this June as he delves into the mysterious vaults of the Shaw Brothers to bring you one of the most death-defying, insane films ever made!

Director Ngai Choi Lam is be best known around the world for ‘Story of Ricky-O’, however he also made a series of increasingly fantastical, offbeat and utterly unique films and we’ll be bringing you his little seen 1983 ultra-violent epic: ‘Men From The Gutter’.

Set within the constant battle between the criminal underworld and the cops in Hong Kong, this is one of the grittiest, most violent films you will ever see. The criminals are brutal, the police more so and everyone has the agility of hyperactive athletes. Seriously, the final twenty minutes might constitute the most free-running stunts ever committed to film!

Our trailer trash will, as always, be celebrating the rest of the madness of work of Lam, whilst our short will certainly bring a new angle to Asian that you may never have thought of. We will also have the usual poster gallery, music and of course, our infamous quiz.

So come down to The Duke this June and experience action of the most insane kind!