30 September 2013

The Found Footage Face Off

No, of course The Duke is not dedicating an evening to shaky-cam shot low-grade horror films – this is THE other kind of found-footage. The stuff you come across on unmarked VHS’s or odd video links received through e-mails. This is the stuff that burns into your retinas and leaves you with things you can never un-see.

On 30 September at 7:30pm at the Phoenix Artist Club, The Duke is inviting all you to come join him on an unparalleled, and one of a kind evening: an open format night where anyone and EVERYONE is encouraged to bring the weirdest, most far-out videos they have EVER found: music videos, news reports, strange adverts, trailers – as long as you discovered it, ANYTHING GOES!

Bring your clips along with you on the night, nothing longer than 5-minutes, we’ll have a DVD player, a video player and a laptop hooked up to the projector, so we should be able to play anything you can bring along. Or drop us a line in advance and we can put sort out your footage for you.

The Duke has of course, been collecting a huge array of these clips himself and if the tempo ever drops, he will be happy to supply the weird – all you gotta do is watch!

So come on down this September and join fellow aficionados of the weird in The Duke Mitchell Film Club’s first experimental video mixtape night!