30 March 2016

We’re celebrating the 100th Duke Night with our Early April Fools’ Special and we want you to come and join us!

The 100th night couldn’t fall on a more appropriate evening as our Early April Fools’ special is our annual salute to the worst that cinema has to offer. Come and join us for this momentous Duke event as we guide you through our most terrible finds of the last 12-months. On the night we’ll have the most atrocious trailers we’ve found over the last year, a shockingly bad selection of found footage VHS weirdness we picked up in Austin, Texas, an awful quiz with prizes you won’t want to win. Plus we’ll be showing a special mystery terrible feature film on the night! You’ll have to be there to find out what it is, all we’ll say is that it’ll be bad, but hopefully we’ll all have a blast watching it together.

Also we’ll be closing the show with the mysterious Birthday Party VHS tape that we didn’t get to play back in January, it’s a birthday party event filmed in a video shop and unseen for decades. We’ll be watching it for the first time on the night with you, so anything could happen on screen!

Come and help us celebrate 100 Duke Nights!

WEDNESDAY 30th March
Doors 7PM Films Start 8PM Show Ends 11PM