24 November 2014

A Very Early Christmas Special

Ho! Ho! Ho!

No, not Santa, but The Duke bringing you EARLY Yule Tidings again for 2014 – yes, folks, The Duke is back with another edition of his Christmas Bonanza!

On November 24th there will be a very special Christmas show from the Duke featuring one of the rarest Christmas movies ever seen – ‘NIGHT VISITORS’ – this stv madness from the 80’s is what happens when you mix Haneke with the Festive Spirit – the story of a family visited by some very unruly visitors is not only creepy, weird and unnerving but also unequivocally full of the holiday spirit – trust us when we say you ain’t seen nothing like it!

But that alone would not the Duke Christmas make – no sirree! Our Annual Christmas Trailer Trash is back once again with ALL-NEW Christmas trailers – remember folks, no repeats yet which means what Alex dug up remains to be seen!

There will be the usual Christmas short with a twist, our ever so popular quiz and all the rest!

So come on down to The Phoenix Artist Club this November 24th (19:00) and give The Duke a Christmas present!