8 – 11 July 2018

DukeFest 2018

When: Sunday 8 July – Wednesday 11 July, 2018
Where: The Prince Charles CinemaPimpShuei

Come and join us for our fifth DukeFest as we take you on another four-night journey into the outer reaches of film! Get ready for premieres, trailers, 35MM action, found footage, VHS oddities and much more as we return to our two favourite venues in London:
The Prince Charles Cinema and PimpShuei!

Sunday 8 July – The Prince Charles Cinema

Monday 9 July – PimpShuei (FREE ENTRY!)

Tuesday 10 July – PimpShuei (FREE ENTRY)

Wednesday 11 July – The Prince Charles Cinema

Opening Night: Sunday 8 July, 9:00PM

MEXMAN (London Premiere) | View Trailer
Runtime: 90 minutes
Starring: Germán Alonso

➤ The Prince Charles Cinema – Book tickets here!

The Duke is proud to bring for its opening night 2018 Slamdance winner ‘MEXMAN’ to London. But WHAT exactly is Mexman?

The story of a maverick filmmaker, one you’ll be shocked to realise you’ve never heard of, ‘MEXMAN’ is a story about films, filmmaking and the lengths you go to in order to achieve your dreams. Focusing on Germán Alonso’s journey trying to make his first feature, this one-of-a-kind documentary charts the story of a truly talented and unique individual and the friends & foes that surround him. Like a real-life superhero story, ‘MEXMAN’ will have you clutching your face in disbelief, have you laughing in the aisles but most importantly, will make you believe that a man can become a filmmaker.

The Duke is very proud to present ‘MEXMAN’ in a very special one-off screening in London and will also be opening the night with some brilliant surprises. So join us for Dukefest opening night for a story you will NEVER forget.

Monday 9 July, 7:30PM PimpShuei FREE ENTRY!

Night Of The Trailers Strikes Back
Trailers can be the most fun part of any cinema screening so join us for this brand new show from Night Of The Trailers are we delve into some of the most obscure and offbeat film trailers you’ll ever experience. Culled from the depths of the internet and many vintage VHS tapes this is a brand new hour-long show that’s been a long time in the making!

The Mystery Hour
It’s Evrim Vs Alex and the mystery is neither of them knows what the other is going to show! It’s a complete surprise what you’ll see here, from past experience it’ll be something you’ll have never thought you’d be watching that night, so come along and just go with whatever they put up on the big screen. PLUS we’ll have a guest slot from our very good friend Nicole McControversy, who’ll be dropping something very unexpected on us all!

Pentagram Home Video – Mystery Live Re-Score
Our festival special guest Pentagram Home Video will be performing a brand new live re- score to a cult classic film; you’ll have to join us on the night to find out which film we’ll be experiencing in this 50-minute specially edited version! Pentagram Home Video is a master of brooding, minimal synth music, influenced by horror, cult films, soundtracks and the 1970s and 80s, his music is sparse and deeply affecting, we’re so pleased to be able to present this special show with him!

Tuesday 10 July, 7:30PM PimpShuei FREE ENTRY!

Found Footage 2018
We’re heading back into the unknown world of found footage with this 100% brand new show, come and join us as we guide you through some of our strangest VHS finds from the last 12-months, we’ve got so many oddities to share with you and as always we’re not going to tell you what we’re showing, but you can certainly expect: training videos, puppets, religion, signing and more!

The Great VHS Experiment: The Next Generation
It’s back, the one part of the festival where absolutely no one knows’ what’s going to happen! It’s this simple, we bring along a load of strange but entertaining videotapes and then you the audience take turns to pick one and we then check out what’s on it all together! We’ve got an incredible selection of tapes for you to choose from this time around, all brand new finds, plus as always our main man Evrim will be hosting the show!

Closing Night: Wednesday 11 July, 9:00PM

The 35MM Trailer Party: The End Of The Trilogy
The Prince Charles Cinema – Book tickets here!

It’s 35MM trailer time once again at DukeFest, join us for a night of some of the most obscure, bizarre and simply downright entertaining film trailers you’ll possible every see. As always everything you’ll see on the night will be from original 35MM cinema trailers, so this is a super rare chance to see these obscure finds in the way they were originally shown, on a big cinema screen! From cult films you’ve never heard of, to certified solid gold classics, we’ve got all sorts of trailer finds to share with you on the night. This is our third trailer party and we can guarantee that it’s all 100% new finds; nothing will be repeated from the previous parties.

Plus on the night we’ll have a bonus mystery 35MM film reel to play, featuring an excerpt from a film so obscure we’ve never even heard of it before and can’t find any reviews of it, come along to find out what this ultra-rare find is!

We’ll see you at #DukeFest 2018!