28 July 2013

Adjust Your Tracking

This July, The Duke Mitchell Film Club is bringing, for the first time in its history, a brand new film to the screen – but this is no ordinary film and for The Duke this is no ordinary event.

On Sunday 28th July, in conjunction with ‘Night Of The Trailers’ The Duke will present the UK Premiere of ‘Adjust Your Tracking: The Unknown Story Of The VHS Collector’. A passion project for its creators, the film tells the story of the underground VHS culture and the collectors who still hanker after what many claim to be a ‘dead format’ – providing a rare insight into a worldwide phenomenon, the film is also a warm exploration of why we all love VHS so much!

But that’s not all!

Before the premiere of ‘Adjust Your Tracking’, ‘Night Of The Trailers’ will be presenting a 1-hour long VHS special – yes, every trailer you see on the night will be playing from VHS and who knows what crazy, unknown, brilliant and highly entertaining trailers will have been unearthed for our viewing pleasure?

There will also be the usual Duke slots, short films, adverts to watch whilst you soak in the atmosphere, a special raffle and much more!

Do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime event and join Duke & Co at The Roxy Screen & Bar on Sunday 28th July.