29 May 2013

Hollywood, Iran Style

We’ve brought you some offbeat themed evenings in the past, but what we’ve got to offer this time around could quite simply be our most obscure night yet. This time around we’ll be looking at the works of Iranian film directors working in Hollywood B-Movies!

Come and join us for simply one of the most incredible films you’ll ever watch: Samurai Cop (1989), from action master director Amir Shervan, a man who blazed a trailer of violence and destruction though LA in the late 80s.

Samurai Cop is simply one amazing scene after the other and it’s the perfect film to watch with a Duke audience. You’ll see terrible car chases, awfully staged action sequences and some simply unwatchable sex scenes, but you’ll love every second of it. Also he’s not a Samurai, he’s not even a very good cop!

Of course well also have all our special extras for the night, all with an Iranian theme: Trailer Trash, short films, a quiz, great music and more. Come and join us as the Duke does Hollywood, Iran Style!