26 January 2015

Welcome to 2015!

January brings with it the blues – the holiday season is over, the health kick is on, the winter keep crashing in – what is there to soothe an incensed nature?

The Duke of course! Back from the holiday hiatus to kickstart 2015 the only way we know how; The Duke Mitchell Film club has prepared one of the most entertaining and incendiary evenings he has ever offered with side lashings of drinks, delirium and debate!

You may not know the name Jamaa Fanakaa yet but trust us – once you’ve seen his 1992 gangland epic ‘Street Wars’ ; you’ll never forget it! Imagine ‘Boys’n’The Hood’ filtered through exploitation sensibilities with a side-order of rebellious streak thrown in and you haven’t even begun to cover the brilliance of Fanakaa’s epic opus which includes betrayals, double-crosses, mad shootouts and even aerial assaults! Crack wars never looked so epic.

But that’s not all – The Duke will also begin the year with a buzz and bring you trailers to make 2015 run amok, the shorts to see you right, the quiz with even easier questions and much, much more!

This January, the only film night you’ll need to keep your sanity is The Duke!

Doors 7PM – Films Start 8PM



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