3 August 2016

Check The Gate – O.C. & Stiggs – 35MM Screening

When: Wednesday 3rd August, 2016 @8:45pm
Where: Prince Charles Cinema
Cost: £8.50

It’s our pleasure to present for you possibly Robert Altman’s most obscure film as a director, made at the lowest point in his career he was hired by MGM to helm what they thought would be a knock-about 1980s teen comedy much in the same vein as Fast Times At Ridgemont High and other films of the era. Instead what they got was a true Altman oddity, one which was shelved for several years before seeing a very quiet cinema release and then a dying a quick death on home video. But that’s why we’re here, to help hold up this truly unique film and let you discover it the way it was supposed to be seen: on 35MM on the big screen!

Join us as we follow the miss-adventures of O.C. & Stiggs, two outlandish high-schoolers who are at war with the Schwab family as well as the rest of middle-class suburbia, you’ll meet their outlandish car the Gila Monster, you’ll see strange cameos from the likes of Dennis Hopper and Ray Walston and you’ll get to experience the might of King Sunny Ade in concert. Those are just some of the unexpected delights in this Altman overload that never seems to really stick to any one plot thread for very long, but then that’s always half the fun with his films, you never know where it’s going to head off to next.

PLUS this being a Duke show we’re throwing in an added extra, we’ve got a mystery 35MM trailer reel that we’ll be playing before the film. Why’s it a mystery? Well that’s because we’ve forgotten what’s on it! Come along on the night to find out what secrets this reel holds.