28 April 2014

Get ready for a super sensory overload as we take you on a trip into the future with our total SCI-Fi FREAKOUT experience! Join us as we screen one of the weirdest, most out there, most mind expandingly unique films we’ve ever shown: SPLIT (1989).

This truly trippy Sci-Fi oddity will leave you scratching your head as to what’s actually happening; while at the same time your eyes will be blasted into another dimension by the sheer force of the over the top effects, sets and general oddness of the whole production. The sole film from mathematician/computer programmer Chris Shaw, Split is a truly one off experience that you simply can’t miss.

FB-freePlus as always the rest of the night will be packed with trailers, shorts, giveaways and more, all designed to give you a full on SCI-FI FREAKOUT experience! FREE ENTRY!!!