27 March 2013

Early April Fools’!

Every year, for 11 months, The Duke works hard to bring you the BEST in forgotten cinema: gems from all around the world that time has not been kind to. But for one evening in one month, The Duke uses the particular set of skills he has to bring together the absolute worst cinema can and will offer. This is that evening. This is that month.

This year The Duke Mitchell Film Club will proudly present a cinematic delight that almost no-one would have seen – yes, we’re talking about ‘Breathing Fire’ – a film that stars not only Jonathan Ke Quan but also the amazing, the mind-blowing, the stiltedly brilliant Bolo Leung!

There’s drama, comedy, action but most important some of the most bone-achingly realistic stunts ever committed to memory – so who cares if the acting is choppy, the dialogue atrocious and the plot completely bonkers? They all fly through window after window after window after window!

But that’s not all!

The Duke has also scoured the world for the past year putting together the most incredible, offensive, brilliant collection of awful film trailers you’re ever likely to see. There’s also our short slot dedicated to the worst short films celluloid can offer, music that’ll make your ears bleed, a quiz of boundless stupidity, images to burn into your retina and much, much more!

So make a date with The Duke this April and discover cinema so bad, it’s better than everything!