31 March 2014

It’s March at The Duke and that only means one thing: it’s time for our annual Early April Fools’ Special! Join us on Monday 31st March for the one night of the year where we celebrate everything that’s bad about film. Yes it’s an evening dedicated to the most entertainingly bad films we can find. We’ve been scoring the world all year to get ready for tonight and now we want you to come and watch everything with us.

Our main film for the night is the truly terrible 2003 feature “The Singing Forest”, a tasteless tale of reincarnation, love and betrayal that runs a scant 69-minutes (the last 7 of which are the end credits). This awfully inept feature will leave you questioning your own sanity and wondering why you came to watch it, but hopefully along the way it’ll also provide a lot of entertaining moments.

As our main feature is so brief we’ll also be having a bonus short film on the night, along with all our other usual features: trailers, oddities, music – all of which will be the worst we can possibly find! So join us at The Duke for an evening you really won’t forget in a hurry!