25 November 2013

The Christmas Special

Ho, ho, ho – yes it may be November in reality, but The Duke is getting into the Festive spirit a little earlier this year.

The Duke has dug through our archives archives to unearth a delicious Christmas themed doozy: ‘Tales Of The Third Dimension’ a rare anthology from the 1980’s which will blow your mind three ways from Sunday. The first two stories are horrific enough, but it’s the third and final Christmas inspired tale that we’re really interested in – trust us when we say Grandma’s house will never look the same again after seeing ‘Visions of The Sugar-Plum’.

But that’s not all – in true Duke fashion we have, yet again, compiled ALL-NEW Christmas Trailers and adverts, found a short to remind us of festive cheer, got music to send the spirit of Christmas and created a quiz which will put a gift in all your stockings!

So on Monday 25th November, there’s nowhere else in London where you could celebrate the TRUE Spirit of Christmas than at The Phoenix Artist Club with the man himself!