29 June – 2 July 2014

When: Sunday 29 June – Wednesday 2 July, 2014
Where: The Prince Charles Cinema & The Phoenix Artists Club

Welcome to DukeFest Zero, the first-ever Duke Mitchell Film Club film festival! We’ve assembled 4-nights of the most entertaining, enjoyable and downright strangest films and events we could think of and we want to share them with you, yes, you.

We’ve got premieres, special guests, an anniversary screening, a mystery trailer reel, a live translation by someone who doesn’t speak the film’s language and much much more. So don’t sit there reading this part, dig in below and find out what we’ve got in store just for you!


Sunday 29 June
9.00PM | My Name Is Jonah | European Premiere | The Prince Charles Cinema

Monday 30 June
7.00PM | Mix-it-Up Night | Free Entry | The Phoenix Artists Club
7.30PM Stockholm Nights w/live translation
| The Great VHS Experiment 2: Japanese Edition
10.00PM | Night Of The Trailers Presents: The Duck Video Mix. World Premiere! 

Tuesday 1 July
7.00PM | Music Night | Free Entry | The Phoenix Artists Club
7.30PM Bonus Event: Night Of The Trailers: Found Footage Battle Royale Audition
Death Waltz Presents: A Musical Horror Trip
9:15PM | Music Video Found Footage

Wednesday 2 July
9.00PM | Strangers In Paradise & Mystery 35MM Trailer Reel  | 30th Anniversary | The Prince Charles Cinema

Program Descriptions

Sunday 29 June: Opening Night

9.00PM | My Name Is Jonah | European Premiere | The Prince Charles Cinema

Are you ready to meet Jonah?

Then get ready as The Duke brings you face-to-face with the most mysterious icon ever to emerge from New York in the European Premiere of ‘My Name Is Jonah’.

At once a portrait and a gateway into the weird and wonderful world of Jonah this film tells the story of the man who’s a martial artist, an adventurer, a vigilante and an internet icon!

You will be hard pressed to believe your eyes as Jonah’s story slowly reveals a man who has been dressing as Punisher, Robin Hood, Sinbad, Highlander and more to create the most outrageous holiday cards found on the face of the Universe, all the while living a life that most of us dream of involving swords, karate, Russian brides and much, much more.

Charismatic, mysterious, unpredictable and just a little quirky, Jonah is a true wonder – as are the people who surround him.

So this June, do not miss your one and only UK chance to meet Jonah, to enter his world and who knows maybe even hear a masterful song from his harmonica! Tickets on sale here.

Monday 1 July

7.00PM | Mix-it-Up Night | Free Entry | The Phoenix Artists Club

7.30PM – Stockholm Nights –with live audio translation

Join us for a very special screening of this infamous Swedish 45-minute short film, never seen outside of Sweden and never translated into any other languages we’ll be treated to a very special live audio translation by the Duke’s main man Evrim, who doesn’t speak Swedish, not even one word. How’s he going to do it and what will happen? Come along and find out.

8.45PM – The Great VHS Experiment 2: Japanese Edition

The experiment is back but this time we’ve got a huge stack of Japanese VHS TV recordings to delve into. These original Japanese tapes have been sat in a storage locker for over 20-years and we’ll be finding out what’s on them live on the night! The one tape we sampled at random contains Hollywood actors selling things, an original Twin Peaks advert (yes the tapes are that old) plus some very strange instructions on how to brush your hair to cover up that bald spot! Remember, this is an experiment so no guarantees on what will turn up!

10PM – Night Of The Trailers presents: The Duck Video Mix. World Premiere!

One year in the making Night Of The Trailers presents: The Duck Video Mix, a 60-minute trip into the outer reaches of your imagination. This audio visual assault is made up of some of the strangest footage you’ll ever see, expect: music videos, weird clips, found footage, adverts and strangely only one incredible trailer, all cut together into a non-stop blistering mixtape. Your eyes and ears are going to take a beating if you make it all the way through this one. Get ready as we’ll be playing this mix very loud!

Tuesday 2 July

7.00PM | Music Night | Free Entry | The Phoenix Artists Club

7.30PM – Bonus Event – Night Of The Trailers: Found Footage Battle Royale Audition

Every year in LA Everything Is Terrible hold the Found Footage Battle Royale at their Everything Is Festival event. This year Night Of The Trailers is hoping to head over to take part in this World Heavyweight Championship of Found Footage, come along tonight to see that he’s planning to screen in LA and to sample some of the highlights from previous years.

8PM – Death Waltz presents: A Musical Horror Trip

Death Waltz Recording Company will be joining us to present a video journey through the world of horror soundtracks, featuring some of the most obscure, funny and downright strange songs and videos ever created in the name of horror! Love soundtracks? Then come along tonight as this is really going to open your mind to what’s out there!

9.15PM – Music Video Found Footage!

Start digging for those musical obscurities as we’re opening up the screen to all of you out there for our Music Video Found Footage event! We want you to bring along the most entertaining, unexpected, offbeat and obscure music videos you can find and we’ll screen them on the night. Any genre of music, any decade, we want to see the videos only you know about! We’ll also have special guests along on the night to show off some of their favourites, plus Death Waltz and Evrim will be hosting it all, giving a critique on each video and awarding the winner with a completely inappropriate trophy! We’ll be able to screen from DVD, VHS and laptop on the night so get digging.

Wednesday 3 July: Closing Night

9.00PM | Strangers In Paradise & Mystery 35MM Trailer Reel
30th Anniversary | The Prince Charles Cinema

What do you get if you cross a time-travelling cryogenically frozen hypnotist , evil Nazis, musical songs, the internet and small-town folk from America who want to cure the homosexuals, the punks, the gamblers and the prostitutes?

A forgotten masterpiece that’s what!

Forget the brilliant charms of ‘The Room’ , leave behind the eye-watering excesses of ‘The Apple’ – this Summer the ONLY film you need to see is the 30th Anniversary Screening of ‘Strangers in Paradise’ proudly brought to you by The Duke.

Film director Ulli Lommel (yes, that Ulli Lommel!) stars as Jonathan Strange, a hypnotist with the power to control the minds of men! When he finds himself hunted down by Hitler and his cronies, wanting to exploit his powers for the good of the Nazi party, Jonathan has himself cryogenically frozen – only to be revived in the 1980s by others who want to use his unique powers…

Combining musical brilliance with outrageous scene-chewing acting, this under-appreciated film is a mind-boggling experience just begging to be re-discovered.

Only ever released on VHS in any country, this screening is THE official UK 30th Anniversary Screening of an overlooked classic which you may never, EVER see again at the cinema!

Plus before the film we’ll have a super rare Mystery 35MM Trailer Reel to share with you! Tickets on sale here.