29 July 2013

The Great VHS Experiment

This July, The Duke continues #VHSweek with one of the riskiest, most entertaining nights he has ever conceived: Ladies and Gentleman Welcome to VHS Experiment!

The idea is simple: for a year now The Duke has been collecting VHS tapes from car boot sales. These tapes have NOT been viewed or checked or even opened. They have been sitting there in a box, slowly increasing in numbers.

With the help of the audience, The Duke will curate an hour’s worth of trailers on randomly chosen tapes: will the trailers be good, bad, familiar, weird? All relies on chances and the wonder of the VHS tape.

Then Alex and Evrim will present 4 films from the tapes with the audience voting on the rarity they want to see. What will we watch? 70’s Exploitation? 80’s Action? 90’s Melodrama? You have to come and see the tapes!

The Duke will also be giving the tapes away throughout the night, making sure no-one goes home empty handed.

This is your chance to not only participate in Duke history, but also join in an unprecedented experiment designed to bring back those days of rental store excitement. All this and in a completely central venue, too! So mark the 29th in your diary and join Duke for what will be one of the most unforgettable nights EVER to hit town.