27 May 2014

If it’s May, it can only mean one thing for The Duke: yes, that dashing master of ceremonies Evrim Ersoy will be once again taking over the reins of the night and programming whatever his heart desires seeing as it’s his birthday.

This year The Duke will be celebrating an evening dedicated to that most delicate and delicious of sins – sensory excess. Sounds, colours, visuals and more to overwhelm the senses will be at the helm of the programme.

Our main feature for the evening will the delectable neo-giallo-noir ‘The Red Nights Of The Green Jade’ – made in 2010, this never-seen-before-in-the-U.K. feature marries a desperate and frantic search for the mythical green jade with a cast of competing assassins, each one more dastardly than the next – starring Carrie Ng as a sensuous killer with a most UNIQUE torture device, ‘The Red Nights Of The Green Jade’ brings together every excess which makes the genre so damn enjoyable from the lurid colours to the over-the-top deaths…

But that’s not all – our resident trailer master will be unleashing a collection put together solely to entertain the man of the hour whilst our shorts will be finding new levels of depravity and fun whilst pushing the boundaries out – there will also be giveaways, music and other bits to take you to the edge of madness and back.

This bank holiday May there is only one place you need to be to find out how exquisitely powerful and domineering films can be – The Duke Mitchell Film Club!

We’ll also be dropping more news about DukeFest on the night!


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