Games Workshop – The White Dwarf Adverts

Games Workshop are the publisher / owner of White Dwarf magazine and their store adverts were in every issue in various different styles right from the start. I don’t really have any real personal connection with their stores, but it’s great to see the progression from the start as they grown and expand their shops across the country. Here’s a selection of the most interesting adverts from White Dwarf.

White Dwarf Issue 6 April May 1978Games Workshop WD6 April May 1978

White Dwarf 10 December / January 1978 / 1979

Interesting to see computer / console games appear so early on!

Games Workshop Atari WD10 Dec Jan 1978 1979

White Dwarf 17 February March 1980

Games Workshop WD17 Feb March 1980

White Dwarf 18 April May 1980

Games Workshop WD18 April May 1980

White Dwarf 19 June July 1980

Games Workshop WD19 June July 1980

White Dwarf 22 December January 1980 / 1981

Games Workshop WD22 Dec Jan 1980 1981