London Games Stores – Part 1

As well as Games Centre and Games Workshop, London had a whole load of other role playing games stores through the 1970s and 1980s, on our hunt through the pages of White Dwarf magazine I found a lot of adverts for long gone shops that I’d never heard of. I never visited any of these stores so I don’t have any real insight into them but the adverts are all fun to read,  here’s Part 1 of the other London Games Stores:

Gamers In Exile – 283 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London

Very close to the beloved Scala Cinema and Kings Cross was also home to The Duke for many years!

Gamers In Exile WD60 Dec 1984

Gamers In Exile WD64 April 1985

Gamers In Exile WD74 December 1985

Games People Play, 5 Wellington Terrace, Notting Hill Gate, London, W2

Games People Play WD47 Nov 1983

Games People Play WD49 Jan 1984

Games People Play WD52 April 1984

Games People Play WD58 Oct 1984

Just Games, 63 Brewer Street, London, W1R 3PN

Just Games WD6 April May 1978

Just Games WD51 March 1984

Just Games WD59 November 1984

Check back for London Games Stores Part 2 tomorrow!


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