DukeFest DX 2021

We don’t know when we’ll be able to hold DukeFest DX 2021 but we’re still working away on it and from the quality of this 35MM trailer find, we think it’s going to be a RIOT!

Hollywood Man

Very pleased to finish off our 7-days of super rare trailer uploads to mark our return to YouTube with a trailer we’ve been after for years – get ready to finally see the trailer for Hollywood Man aka Death Threat from 1976!

Back In Action On YouTube!

So our first strike has now expired and we’ve made all our 3,500 videos live again on YouTube! Feels great to be back, we’ve still got one other strike to ride out though, that expires in early November, so not long to go on that.

As a special back-in-action treat we’ll be uploading a super rare VHS trailer find each day for the next seven days! Here’s the first one, get ready to meet: The Godchildren (1971).

Have you missed us?

Have you missed us?

If you did know we’ve been quiet for the last 5 weeks due to getting two copyright strikes here on our channel, if we get a third one of channel gets deleted with no chance to save it. So we took the decision to make all our videos Private until the first strike expires on Tuesday 6th October.

We’ll be back uploading from Wednesday 7th October, for the first seven days we’ll be uploading one super rare film trailer per day, so make sure you’re checking our uploads to see films you didn’t know existed!

Big thanks to the amazing Pentagram Home Video for letting us use the track “The Satanic Path” on this video, check out more of his music here: