The Cursed Video Store Birthday Party Tape


Well here’s an update on that Video Store Birthday Party tape, it was the wrong one again! Yes it’s now going to be referred to as The Cursed Birthday Party Video Tape as once again we managed to not watch the correct tape. After having the wrong tape the previous time I’d worked my way through the stash of tapes and found one that started with a home recording inside a vintage video store and assumed that this was the birthday party. As I wanted to watch it with all of you in person I only watched the first few seconds and then stopped it, which was my big mistake. Turns out it’s a different tape entirely and it’s just someone in a video store checking to see if their video camera works.

So that was a disappointment on the night as it only ran for a minute and then went into a vintage TV recording of the Australian soap opera Sons & Daughters. Hoping against hope that the correct Birthday Party was still sitting in the rest of the tape stash waiting to be found, I went through the rest of the tapes last night and it’s my great pleasure to say that we now 100%, totally, positively, absolutely have the correct tape. I say this with such assurance because I did the thing I didn’t want to do, which was to actually watch the tape on my own to fully check it this time around so there’d be no more disappointment!

So come and find out what happens on this now cursed tape as we unveil it for the first time as part of our Best Of Found Footage Night, this Monday 4th April at PimpShuei! Show starts at 7PM and will be over by 8PM. FREE ENTRY as awlays!