Starburst – The Video Screen VHS Sales

The Video Screen were a regular advertiser in Starburst, they promoted themselves as “The first science-fiction mail order firm” and sold VHS tapes of new releases at a time when more people were into renting them than being able to own them. Here’s a selection of their ads from the magazine. I’ll be picking up a tape of Hawk The Slayer for sure!

Starburst issue 39 – 1981 – The Video Screen 5A Rainsford Road, Chelsmford, Essex

Video Screen SB39 1981

Starburst issue 47 – 1982

Sci-Fi VHS SB47 1982

Starburst issue 63 – 1983

Video Screen SB63 1983


Top Kick – Unproduced Cannon Teaser Trailer

We unleashed this at DukeFest but now it’s time for everyone else to check it out, here’s a teaser trailer found on a Cannon Video trade dealer tape from 1988 – check out the unproduced teaser trailer for Chuck Norris in Top Kick! We’ve got more these to come…

The Video Store Birthday Party!

It was third time lucky last night when we finally all go the experience the incredible events of The Video Store Birthday Party! Now you can join in the 1980s sleazy UK video store party at home as we’ve uploaded it in all it’s low-fi slightly ‘Not Safe For Work’ glory right here:

PLUS here’s the fake-out video store footage that we originally thought was the party, but turned out to me a man who hates trailer tapes simply checking his video camera in a rental store.