The Video Store Birthday Party Tape


We’ll be closing our 100th Night with the now legendary Video Store Birthday Party tape, it’s only really legendary because I keep talking about it, but that’s a fair enough reason. So what’s the story behind this particular tape then?

Back in January we had Video Store Night at The Duke where we watched an evening made up of old promotional tapes that we’d acquired from a closed down video store, the tapes had been sitting behind the counter for decades until we were able to get our hands on them. So we dedicated a night to finding out what was on them, the highlight of which was going to be watching this tape, which according to the seller had been used to film someone having their birthday party in the store. Sadly he told me the wrong tape which meant that when we went to watch it there was no birthday party, which was a shame. But I’ve now gone through all the tapes and found the right now, so we’re going to close the 100th Duke by finding out together what happens at the birthday party in the store.

Remember we haven’t watched this tape, I’ve just watched the first 5-seconds to check it’s the correct one now. The one thing that makes me slightly nervous about playing this tape though is that fact that two of the other tapes we got from the store had been recorded over with home made porn! Which we only found out when we played them for the audience, let’s just say they didn’t stay on screen very long, but did make everyone laugh. So who makes porn films and then just leaves them behind the counter for decades? Also if they made porn films there, what’s going to happen at the Birthday Party? You’ll have to come along to the 100th Duke to find out!