Duke into 2017!


So 2016 turned out to be an odd year for us, we hadn’t expected to lose our venue and that threw us quite a bit, we’ve always said that the hardest part of putting on a film night is getting the venue. Big thanks to everyone out there for sticking with us through the rest of the year and now into 2017.

So what do we have planned for this year? We’re hoping to have nights and events dotted through the year, all depending on getting a venue of course, we’re aiming to start things off in Springtime but we’ll let you know for sure when the first show is confirmed.

What we can tell you is that we’re already hard at work on the next edition of DukeFest, which in keeping with having a strange different name each year will this time around be simply called: The Duke Fest. (We already know what the 2018 edition will be called, buy Evrim and drink and he’ll probably tell you…) Watch out for 4-days of DukeFest madness around the end of June as always. We’ll let you in on that news that there’s going to be a brand new Found Footage show as part of it, Alex has been working away on finding strange footage and editing VHS finds for the last few months, with still loads more to go, we’ve got some really odd finds lined up already!

Plus the biggest news for 2017 is that The Duke will celebrate its 10th Birthday later this year! Yes 10 incredible years of film mayhem have gone by in a flash and there’s no way we’re going to miss out on a chance to celebrate everything that’s happened, so look for a special one-day event around Autumn time!

In the meantime Evrim is scouring the world for the most amazing new films to programme at FantasticFest and Alex is digging for the most obscure trailers and video oddities possible! Hope to see you all at the first Duke night of 2017!