DukeFest 2022

Hello everyone, after two years of no events we’d love more than anything to put on DukeFest again this year. All the shows are put together and ready to go but we have one problem: we need a new venue to host our bar based nights of the fest! Ideally we’re looking for a central-ish venue with a projector and screen and a place that will let us use the venue for free so we can keep our nights free entry.

We’re looking for places ourselves but if anyone can help out we’d love to hear, let us know in the comments with any thoughts and suggestions or just let us know if you’ve missed us!

DukeFest DX 2021

We don’t know when we’ll be able to hold DukeFest DX 2021 but we’re still working away on it and from the quality of this 35MM trailer find, we think it’s going to be a RIOT!

#DukeFest Cancelled For 2020

DukeFest Cancelled

Hello everyone, we had originally hoped to hold DukeFest in July 2020 but with the continued virus situation we’re officially going to cancel the festival for this year. It’s sad to do this but right now it’s not possible to hold a film festival, so instead of trying to delay things even more we’re just going to fully cancel this year and look to return in 2021. We miss all of you and hope things are alright for everyone.

We’ve actually been hard at work on the content for the festival and have a huge amount of the shows done, so we really hope to come back in 2021 and share it all with you!

As a small bonus for there being no festival this year here’s a short special treat for you that we found this year, it’s the G Street Live meets David Lynch and Twin Peaks mash up that you never knew you wanted…

Don’t forget you can get a constant DukeFest fix via our YouTube channel where we’re uploading new rare footage and fun finds almost daily now – find it here.

All our love to everyone out there, take care and we’ll see you soon!





Duke Into 2019

So things are quiet right now at The Duke, we’re actually hard at work on our biggest project we’ve ever taken on, that involves watching through 300-hours of footage, we’re hoping to bring this very special project to you at #DukeFest in 2019, if we can get it finished in time, there’s been some amazing finds along the way already! Next week watch out for a very special early online Christmas present from us, in the meantime please remember that this post is…

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