What was the mystery artwork we gave away at DukeFest?

We got a bit carried away this year with our DukeFest loyalty scheme; already having two things we’d planned to give away we decided to get hold of pizza boxes to house them in. This left space to put other bits in, so I put into action something else that I’d been thinking about, something very unique that we could also give away.

You see one of the many things I’m interested in is when an inappropriate film is marketed at kids, the best case is all the children’s toys that were created for Alien. But that’s not the only example, because David Lynch’s mind melting 1984 Sci-FI epic Dune, also had its marketing squarely aimed at young kids. Which lead us to the Dune coloring book!


So armed with an original uncolored copy of the book I photocopied every page in it, then took the pages to anyone who I knew who was artistic and got them to pick their favourite page and color the photocopy in for us! So that’s what the mystery unique artwork was – a hand colored photocopy page from the children’s Dune coloring activity book!

Here’s a video we shot letting you look at how much went into coloring one of these in, it takes much longer than you expect:

Take a look below for our 10 original pieces that we gave away along with the other DukeFest goodies to anyone who attended all 4-nights this year.

“He who controls the Spice, controls the universe!”







Here’s a great example of how weird this book is: “Hey kids, here’s some dead bodies to color in!”