Everything Is Holiday – Day Nine

After the crazy day I had yesterday today was a really take it easy day, we went out for brunch at the Smoke House, which is an old style LA restaurant right opposite the Warner Brothers lot, it’s packed with old holly woods pictures and clippings, it also has very stylish red booths, it looks like a real part of old LA style.

Then I spent most of the afternoon listening to music and watching films, really the first time I’ve taken it easy in all the time I’ve been here. 

In the evening I met up with my super cool old friend James, who lives out here now, we met in this old style Irish pub, which was apparently the inspiration for the show Cheers. We had a great night, it was so good to see him and it was like we just seen each other the day before, so good to catch up with everything. We’re going to meet up again on Friday and hit a few interesting spots during the day. 

And that was my day, it was so laid back and I really enjoyed it. The next couple of days will be super busy though, especially tomorrow night, when something very cool should be happening! Keep your fingers crossed as it’s going to be something that’s going to benefit ALL of us!