Everything Is Holiday – Day Ten



Today started with with an early Thai lunch with Heidi and a massive long chat, which was so great, Heidi always says the best stuff and makes me laugh some much. Then we dropped into Meltdown Comics, which was OK, but a lot of comic stores always seem to have the same stuff in them.

Then I headed off on my now to the Arclight cinema to catch Lucy, I was really watching it just to kill time until I had to meet someone in the evening, but I did really want to catch it anyway. The Arclight is great, the screens are big, you can sit in the front row and it’s been empty every time I’ve been. They also have an usher introduce each screening and ask everyone to turn their phones off and not talk, which is so good! 

Then I kept my evening’s appointment, which was with one of my fellow Found Footage Battle Royale contestants, but the exact details of what shady deals transpired through the evening will have to be kept a secret, let’s just say that I’ve pulled off the impossible for us all! 

A short entry this time, but I’ve been taking it easy these last few days, tomorrow is my final full day here in LA, I was stood outside the Cinefamily earlier tonight and I couldn’t believe it was all just starting this time last week, as always it’s gone too quickly. There might not been an entry here tomorrow, the evening holds something very special, if there isn’t one then look for a final Everything Is Holiday Epilogue Edition on Sunday night when I get home to London!