Everything Is Holiday – Day Eight

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Today was taken up with one thing only – hand moving the 8000 Jerry Maguire VHS tapes! The morning started quietly and I spent most of it chatting with Heidi, who also gave me a great selection of very cool Ramones merchandised. Then I headed back down to Cinefamily for 2PM to meet up with Scott to help load up and move the Jerrys! 

Now I knew this was going to be a tough job and for once I actually planned ahead, I wore the oldest T-shirt I could find knowing this this was going to be a long, tough and very hot day, boy was I right. Turns out there we’re going to be three of us moving all the tapes, I have no idea what Scott would have done if we hadn’t been there to help out, it’s 8000 VHS tapes! Just loading them up into the Terrible van was a huge job, we ended up having to leave a few crates behind as they simply wouldn’t fit in the van. Man I’ve never sweated like that before, I’m used to moving boxes but not in the intense LA heat, I had to keep drinking water as I just so dehydrated straight away. 

Then we had a drive across town to the Terrible HQ, which gave us a bit of a break before the real work began. The car park was a bit of a walk away from the gallery/storage room, plus there we’re two short flights of stairs to deal with, so this is were the real work took place, if I thought I was hot and sweaty before, this stretch of the operation turned me into a walking sweat machine, ok not a cool thing to talk about but it was just so hot I had to share that fact with everyone. We got them all moved in the end, but it was a lot of work. Plus poor Scott had to deal with towers trying to take the van away, there seems to be an ongoing run in between them and the person who runs the parking at their office space, it got sorted out after a while, but the van nearly went off on it’s own adventure without us! 

OK that took a good few hours, but once it was done it felt good to have moved so much stuff, the people in the room next to ours even took pity on us and lent us their trolly wheels to help out. Once it was all finished though we headed back down to the bottom floor of the complex where we’d seen there was a big gallery show of martial arts posters from Ghana! Which was sadly shut, but we could see everything through the windows, the hand painted posters looked amazing! 

After that we had to drop off the Terrible van to it’s regular home, on the drive we swapped interesting film titles, I always think that everyone knows about all the films we champion, so it was great to introduce Scott to some of our classic finds, and him bust out a few ones I’d never heard of, oh yes I made notes and I’ll be investigating all of them!

After a great Mexican meal I got dropped off back here and just had to lay down for a bit, it wasn’t the physical moving the boxes that did me in, it was the crazy heat, I’ve never sweated like that before, I swear I must have lost a stone in water today. But it was all worth it to get to help out with the Jerrys!