Disney Time

Here’s our latest trailer tape find, a Disney video from back in 1996 featuring highlights from their VHS releases in the first three months of the year, we’ll rip this and put it on our YouTube channel soon!

A Nightmare On Alperton Lane

At Dukefest 2018 we’d announced that we were going to unleash a rare Night On Elm Street find, well now you can watch it here as well, get ready to experience A Nightmare On Alperton Lane!

Back in the 1980s a lot of video labels would send out trailer tapes to rental stores to let them know which release were coming up, these trailer tapes can be a treasure trove of interesting finds and this particular tape from Warner Home Entertainment is one of the highlights form the tapes I’ve collected over the years. Warners would send out a monthly tape for dealers to watch and once in a while the tapes would have an overall theme, sports, crime, sci-fi etc. Luckily for us this tape from 1986 was a horror themed tape to tie in with the home video release of A Nightmare On Elm Street 2, so the powers that be decided they needed to push the boat out on this one and film a linking device to tie all the horror trailers together.

So what we get here is Freddy Krueger himself pursing a hapless employee around the Warner Brothers office on Aplerton Lane, London and forcing him to watch their upcoming horror trailers. It’s quiet extravagant for a simple trailer tape and even atmospheric in certain places, plus as it’s from Warners and features Freddy, does it count a some sort of semi-official Elm St film? probably not as it’s not Robert Englund playing the part, but it’s still a fun footnote in the Elm Street saga!





Simon Bates presents…

We took a brief look at this 1988 Warner Home Entertainment VHS tape at the DukeFest launch night, but here’s the complete thing for you to watch now. Simon Bates, then the face of video, introduces a selection of trailers and features in this 30-minute show that’s very reminiscent of Barry Norman and his BBC Film show…