A Nightmare On Alperton Lane

At Dukefest 2018 we’d announced that we were going to unleash a rare Night On Elm Street find, well now you can watch it here as well, get ready to experience A Nightmare On Alperton Lane!

Back in the 1980s a lot of video labels would send out trailer tapes to rental stores to let them know which release were coming up, these trailer tapes can be a treasure trove of interesting finds and this particular tape from Warner Home Entertainment is one of the highlights form the tapes I’ve collected over the years. Warners would send out a monthly tape for dealers to watch and once in a while the tapes would have an overall theme, sports, crime, sci-fi etc. Luckily for us this tape from 1986 was a horror themed tape to tie in with the home video release of A Nightmare On Elm Street 2, so the powers that be decided they needed to push the boat out on this one and film a linking device to tie all the horror trailers together.

So what we get here is Freddy Krueger himself pursing a hapless employee around the Warner Brothers office on Aplerton Lane, London and forcing him to watch their upcoming horror trailers. It’s quiet extravagant for a simple trailer tape and even atmospheric in certain places, plus as it’s from Warners and features Freddy, does it count a some sort of semi-official Elm St film? probably not as it’s not Robert Englund playing the part, but it’s still a fun footnote in the Elm Street saga!