Tapes, Tapes, Tapes…

Here’s the three VHS tapes we took a brief look at during the DukeFest launch night: a super rare Warner Brothers video dealer trailer tape hosted by Simon Bates, a tape that sadly turned out to be blank that had come all the way from Top Ten Records In Dallas, Texas and a reliable dose of madness from Found Footage Festival and their Strange Men release. For way more VHS craziness come and join us at the main DukeFest in July!




The Ultimate Trailer Tape Haul!



Yes we’ve managed to get our hands on quite an incredible Trailer Tape haul, a huge collection of 59 vintage trailer tapes all from the 1980s and early 1990s, but just where did they all come from?

Well they’re all from one closed down video store from somewhere in the UK, a local small store that had closed 5-years ago, simply locking the door and walking off after having been there since the early 1980s. One smart video collector managed to contact the owner and agreed to purchase everything in the store in one go, including all the odd trailer and promo tapes from behind the counter, which is where we came in.

A few ebay deals later and we’d managed to buy every single trailer and promo tape from the store via the very helpful collector, so we’re now the owners of this huge batch of vintage store tapes! We’ve been collecting these sort of tapes for years as they’re a treasure trove of unseen trailers, video company promos and anything else unexpected which can turn up on them, but we’ve never see a collection this large come along in one go like this, so we didn’t waste any time in snapping it up.

What’s in it? Well it’s a total mixture of very rare trailer tapes from all sorts of video companies, along with a few promo films and probably rarest of all 3 video store training tapes, designed to help you set up your video store! We’ve never seen anything like those before and we can’t wait to screen them for you, but you’ll have to wait until January 2016 to watch them with us, because that’s going to be Video Store Night at the Duke, mark it in your diary now!








All the way from Germany, circa 1984…

Get VHS trailer tape delivery this morning, all the way from Germany, here’s an Atlas Video/Thorn EMI tape from way back in 1984, amazing condition as well. The only drawback is that all the trailers are in German, the seller had loads more available, but I went for this one as it has a lot of original local German film trailers on it. Keep your fingers crossed for some great finds.