Morton Downey – The Rock ‘N’ Roll Episode


I just uploaded this full episode of The Morton Downey Jr. Show from 1989 to our YouTube channel, it’s the second episode of his two parter featuring a look at Rock ‘N’ Roll with special guests in the studio. But it’s not quiet site down show as the Morty show pioneered the trash talking studio fighting in your face style of show that would be picked up by Jerry Springer etc later on. Here we have rock musician, critics and fans all going up against in each other in a very confrontational style, it’s all obviously played up for the camera but it’s still a very fun watch. Featured on the show are:

Episode Features:

Joey Ramone – RAMONES

Ace Frehley – KISS

Scott Ian – Anthrax

Honey One Percenter & Queen Vixen – Cycle Sluts From Hell

Alex Mitchell – Circus Of Power

Steve Whitaker – Barren Cross

Jonny Z (Jon Zazula) – Megaforce Records

Stuart Goldman – Rock Critic

Jesse Nash – Rock Critic

David Clark – Genesis Magazine

Circus Of Power perform ‘Call Of The Wild’ live in the studio at the end of the show.

At the end of the video there’s an MTV news story reporting on the episode.