Starburst – Wrapping things up…

So let’s wrap up our look back at the early issues of Starburst magazine with this round up of all the interesting things that didn’t fit in anywhere else, starting with this 100% authentic UFO Detector!

Starburst issue 2 – 1978 – The Skywatch UFO Detector

UFO Detector WB2 1978

Starburst issue 15 – 1979 – The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy book and vinyl album adverts!

Hitch-Hikers SB15 1979

Starburst issue 46 – 1982 – Laser Ray Spex!

Laser Ray Spex SB46 1982

Starburst issue 64 – 1983 – Slipstream – I had to look at this for a while before I realised it was actually for an oil lubricant and not actually comic or film related, not sure why the company decided to take the sci-fi route to advertise their oil but it’s fun to see anyway!

Slipstream SB64 1983

So that’s it for Starburst and White Dwarf adverts, hope you enjoyed all of that, we’ll be back with more regular updates soon!