Starburst – Wrapping things up…

So let’s wrap up our look back at the early issues of Starburst magazine with this round up of all the interesting things that didn’t fit in anywhere else, starting with this 100% authentic UFO Detector!

Starburst issue 2 – 1978 – The Skywatch UFO Detector

UFO Detector WB2 1978

Starburst issue 15 – 1979 – The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy book and vinyl album adverts!

Hitch-Hikers SB15 1979

Starburst issue 46 – 1982 – Laser Ray Spex!

Laser Ray Spex SB46 1982

Starburst issue 64 – 1983 – Slipstream – I had to look at this for a while before I realised it was actually for an oil lubricant and not actually comic or film related, not sure why the company decided to take the sci-fi route to advertise their oil but it’s fun to see anyway!

Slipstream SB64 1983

So that’s it for Starburst and White Dwarf adverts, hope you enjoyed all of that, we’ll be back with more regular updates soon!

Starburst – The Video Screen VHS Sales

The Video Screen were a regular advertiser in Starburst, they promoted themselves as “The first science-fiction mail order firm” and sold VHS tapes of new releases at a time when more people were into renting them than being able to own them. Here’s a selection of their ads from the magazine. I’ll be picking up a tape of Hawk The Slayer for sure!

Starburst issue 39 – 1981 – The Video Screen 5A Rainsford Road, Chelsmford, Essex

Video Screen SB39 1981

Starburst issue 47 – 1982

Sci-Fi VHS SB47 1982

Starburst issue 63 – 1983

Video Screen SB63 1983


Starburst – Forbidden Planet Adverts – Part 1

Back to the Starburst adverts and of course the most prominent store that featured in the magazine was the much loved Forbidden Planet. The original store was located at 23 Denmark Street, London, WC2 and hosted many signings, events, launches and much more, here’s our look at the first batch of ads:

Starburst issue 4 – 1978 – The original and classic Forbidden Planet artwork by Brian Bolland.

01 Forbidden Planet SB4 1978

Starburst issue 9 – 1979 – Neil Adams signing of The New Heroes.

02 Forbidden Planet Neil Adams SB9 1979

Starburst issue 11 – 1979

03 Forbidden Planet SB11 1979

Starburst issue 14 – 1979

04 Forbidden Planet SB14 1979

Starburst issue 17 – 1979 – Get your Alien USCSS Nostromo crew hat now!

05 Forbidden Planet Alien SB17 1980

Starburst issue 22 – 1980 – The Empire Strikes Back signing.

06 Forbidden Planet Star Wars SB22 1980

Starburst issue 23 – 1980 – Comic’s legend Will Eisner signing.

07 Forbidden Planet Will Eisner SB23 1980

Starburst issue 25 – 1980 – Judge Dredd 2000AD Annual signing

08 Forbidden Planet Judge Dredd SB25 1980

Starburst issue 26 – 1980 – Brian Bolland 2000AD Judge Dredd posters.

09 Forbidden Planet Judge Dredd SB26 1980

Starburst issue 28 – 1980 – Berni Wrightson signing event.

10 Forbidden Planet Mutants SB28 1980

Part 2 is coming tomorrow!

Starburst Magazine – Blade Runner

Welcome to our overview of Starburst magazine issues 1-87, which covers the years 1978 – 1985. After going through the first 100 issues of White Dwarf I was wondering where else I could find similar comic book shops and film adverts, so Starburst was the next logical step. I found these on Archive, the scans are slightly odd, the pictures don’t look great but the text is very readable though and I made some great finds going through these back issues, starting with:

Starburst – free Blade Runner preview screening in 1982.

There’s an interesting coincidence here, just a month ago our good friend and legendary film journalist Alan Jones had mentioned this screening in a tweet here.

Alan Jones Blade Runner

So it was strange to be looking at the advert for that very screening just a short time later. This stands out as it must have been quite a revelation to see Blade Runner for free so early on, seeing it fully fresh for the first time with no idea what to really expect from it. There were three screening around the UK, but the one in London is of most interest to us, the ABC Shaftsbury Avenue was still two screens back then, both of which were decent sizes, I can picture the huge crowd that was there to line up stretching all the way back up the street. I know it was busy as two issues later Starburst posted reaction letters they’re received from people saying how the screenings went, take a look further down to check them out. A small slice of Blade Runner history that was fun to find out more about.

Starburst issue 49 – 1982

Blade Runner Preview SB49 1982

Starburst issue 51 – 1982

Blade Runner Preview SB51 1982