Starburst – The Film Adverts

As well as a lot of great shop adverts the back issues of Starburst also had a load of great film adverts, with a surprisingly large amount featuring London mentions, here’s a selection of some of my favourites:

The Brood – Starbust issue 20 – 1980

Director David Cronenberg‘s early feature plays in London on a double bill with Cruel PassionBrood SB20 1980

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind – Starburst issue 3 – 1978

Close Encounters SB3 1978

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: The Special Edition – Starburst issue 27 – 1980

Columbia Shaftsbury Avenue is now the Curzon, which was split in multiple mini screens.

Close Encounters SE SB27 1980

Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back – Starburst issue 22 – 1980Empire Strikes Back SB22 1980

A special advert for me as this is where I watched Empire, amazing to know I must have seen it in 70MM all the way back then.

The Empire Strikes Back – Starburst issue 25 – 1980

Empire Strikes Back SB25 1980

Interesting to see Empire also moving into the Dominion on Tottenham Court Road, I always wish I’d been able to see a film play there, must have been an impressive experience.

Incredible HULK: The Movie – Starburst issue 18 – 1980

Incredible Hulk SB18 1980

The classic Hulk TV series got to play on the big screen here in the UK, on a double bill with The Magic Of Lassie!

Ghostbusters – Join The Fan Club – Starburst issue 80 – 1985

Ghostbusters Fan Club SB80 1985