Starburst – The Film Adverts

As well as a lot of great shop adverts the back issues of Starburst also had a load of great film adverts, with a surprisingly large amount featuring London mentions, here’s a selection of some of my favourites:

The Brood – Starbust issue 20 – 1980

Director David Cronenberg‘s early feature plays in London on a double bill with Cruel PassionBrood SB20 1980

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind – Starburst issue 3 – 1978

Close Encounters SB3 1978

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: The Special Edition – Starburst issue 27 – 1980

Columbia Shaftsbury Avenue is now the Curzon, which was split in multiple mini screens.

Close Encounters SE SB27 1980

Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back – Starburst issue 22 – 1980Empire Strikes Back SB22 1980

A special advert for me as this is where I watched Empire, amazing to know I must have seen it in 70MM all the way back then.

The Empire Strikes Back – Starburst issue 25 – 1980

Empire Strikes Back SB25 1980

Interesting to see Empire also moving into the Dominion on Tottenham Court Road, I always wish I’d been able to see a film play there, must have been an impressive experience.

Incredible HULK: The Movie – Starburst issue 18 – 1980

Incredible Hulk SB18 1980

The classic Hulk TV series got to play on the big screen here in the UK, on a double bill with The Magic Of Lassie!

Ghostbusters – Join The Fan Club – Starburst issue 80 – 1985

Ghostbusters Fan Club SB80 1985

Nine Worlds Sci-Fi VHS Mix!

We had a blast this weekend at the Nine Worlds Geekfest 2016, this was our fourth time there in a row and it’s always such a great convention. One of the highlights for us though was being able to screen the Nine Worlds Sci-Fi VHS Mix to everyone there, which was made up of these 6 vintage VHS tapes.

Nine Worlds VHS Sci-Fi

When we were at Nine Worlds in 2015 there was a table full of vintage VHS Sci-Fi tapes at the back of the screening room, which had been brought along by the friend of someone that had sadly passed away. The idea was to give the tapes away so other people could enjoy them and that they could live on, an idea we loved so much! So I went through everything there and took this handful of tapes with a thought of doing something special with them. The idea being that we could make these tapes live on even longer by bringing them back once again but in a different form.

So skip forward a year and we’re back at the festival with a special 10-minute mix featuring the funniest, oddest and most expected clips we could find from the tapes. We dropped this on everyone at the end of our first session, giving them the low down on the story of the tapes and why we’d done it. So here it is now for everyone to enjoy, get a load of the Nine Worlds Sci-Fi VHS Mix right here: