September’s Trailer Trash!

Here we go with the complete Trailer Trash compilation from September’s night! Back at our 7th Birthday Party in August we gave you the chance of watching the Best Of Trailer Trash or a brand new collection, as always the audience went for the Best Of, so this month we forced you to watch the new collection! So here it is once again for anyone that didn’t see it, or anyone who wants to check it out again!

Also sadly this’ll be the last full Trailer Trash we’ll be able to upload to YouTube until march 2015, as we managed to get a copyright strike against our account, which means we loose the ability to upload videos longer than 15-minutes, so no more long videos for us for a while, normal trailer uploads will be fine though. The offending video? Of all things it was out 5-minute cut of the Christian film The Daylight Zone!