RKSS have unleashed the final part of their Godfrey Ho tribute tribute trilogy, check out Ninja Eliminator III: Guardian Of The Dragon Medallion. Oh and you see that split second shot of the ninja and Big Ben? Well guess who helped out with that…


Jorge Ameer is back!

One of our all time favourite films is director Jorge Ameers’s mindwarping The Singing Forest, which is a trip down a very strange cinematic tunnel that will warp you view of cinema forever. Luckily for all of us Jorge continues to make films, though non of them have hit the heights of The Singing Forest they’re all still interesting and are usually accompanied by a high strange or enjoyable trailer. Now Jorge is back with a new cinematic outing and we’ve got a baffling new trailer for us to enjoy, one that’s in the wrong ratio for it’s entire running time! Get ready to take a trip to OASIS…

The Legend Of Hillbilly John

One of the real discoveries from our DukeFest 35MM Trailer Party was the super rare trailer for The Legend Of Hillbilly John. I’d picked this up from someone selling their collection in Los Angeles and it was one of the trailers I wanted to play the most on the night. What’s interesting is that this looks like it’s a re-issue trailer as it’s now under the name Who Fears The Devil, possibly an attempt to make it sound more horror’esque? Sadly it’s gone quite red, but this is super rare and I’m so pleased we finally found this one.