The Dusk-To-Dawn Drive-In Movie Marathon

One of the highlights of DukeFest was finally getting to unleash something that we’d been working on for ages. We found this amazing rare radio spot from American International Pictures, back in the early 1980s they’d packaged groups of their films together and sent them out at all-day or all-night shows, using these radio spots to promote the films and shows. Here’s the radio spot its audio form, give this a listen first:

Now that’s great, but there was something missing, it was so cinematic sounding that I kept picturing what this would be like with the actual footage from the films cut in. So that’s what I spent a good chunk of time editing away on before #DukeFest, getting all those films together, matching them up to the audio and making it come to life. So check out our exclusive brand new never before seen cinema trailer right here!

I Love Maria (1988)

The trilogy is complete, here’s the final Hong Kong action trailer we unleashed at the DukeFest launch night, the one that blew the roof of PimpShuei – are you ready for “I Love Maria”? Want more specially subtitled trailer action? Then join us at DukeFest where we’ll be bringing you some unseen French oddities with our own custom subtitles…

The Final Test (1987)

Second in our trilogy of Hong Kong action trailers we subtitled just for our DukeFest launch night at PimpShuei, here’s a film where everyone gets kicked in the face at least once: The Final Test from 1987! If anyone can help us out and subtitle the first few lines of dialogue then please just drop us a line, we’d love to be able to fill those bits in.