The Mystery L.A. VHS Tape!

Strong Kids

So for those that weren’t there on Friday night here’s the lowdown on that Mystery VHS tape that we were teasing you all with. In terms of things we’ve been looking for this was right up there close to the very top of the list, it was certainly our most sought after VHS tape for sure!

So what was it then? None other than: STRONG KIDS AGAINST CRIME!

Yes it’s the long unseen second video release from all-time Duke hero Mr. Sanford Strong! Since stumbling on his first tape release make years ago we’ve been searching far and wide for this follow up ever since, and on Friday night we finally got to watch it, and best of all we got to see it for the first time with all of you there!

Sanford is a retired LA police officer who went into the private security business and released one book and two VHS tapes on how to protect you and your family in dangerous situations. The first tape, Strong Against Crime, has become one of our most watched finds ever, and this is from two people who never re-watch anything. His advice, suggestions and presentation style has become so ingrained into my mind that I actually think I could react exactly how he wanted me to at the first sign of any danger either on the street or at home.

So yes you can see that we wanted to find this other tape so badly, so badly in fact that it became one of the driving factors behind me going to LA last month. You see the winner from last year’s Found Footage Battle Royale, The Sadist, had used clips from this tape in his footage last year. So I’d decided that if I made it to LA and got into the Battle Royale that I’d ask him if there was any possible way to get a DVD-R of the this most elusive tape!

Sanford Power

Little did I know that thanks to the generosity and kindness of The Sadist that I’d actually be coming back with the original VHS that he’d used for his clips! You see The Sadist was there and he turned out to be the kindest and most friendly guy in the world! He was amazed when I told him my story of how much we’d enjoyed his work last year and how we couldn’t believe that used some of the other Sanford tape. I explained how much we’d been looking for this follow-up and he said he’d love to help us out. I had no idea that he’d actually be so kind and generous as to actually give us the tape itself! All I can say is that we’ll be eternally grateful to him for that!

So how was it? Simply amazing, so worth the wait and such an incredible watch! I won’t say more than that as we’d love to screen it again sometime for everyone.

Also on Friday night Evrim went through the other VHS tapes that I’d picked up in LA, we watched a couple of minutes of each of these tapes on the night with everyone – suffice to say that Advanced Trading Applications Of Candlestick Charting got the biggest cheer of the night! I’ll be working on bringing you the best parts of these tapes over the next few weeks!

LA Finds