Everything Is Holiday – Day Four

imageimageSo the second day of Everything Is Festival was an evening event, leaving me free during the day, so I did one of my all time favourite things – going to the cinema. I headed down to the Searchlight to catch two new releases: As Above So Below and The November Man. Sad to report that they’re both average, As Above does have some good ideas, but didn’t grab me, while November Man just seemed to be made up of lots of  SHOUTING! Top marks though the Arclight for having an introduction from a member of staff and asking everyone to keep their phone etc off and not to talk.

Then I took the massive walk from the Arclight to Cinefamily, it wasn’t as hot today but I’m still having to drink so much water, plus now my arms have gone very brown.

This being my second night at Cinefamily I now know the deal on how things work and could take the time to look around and enjoy the place. First up of the two shows tonight was Most Outrageous Video Games 2014, which I’d really been looking forwards to, though you could actually say that about everything happening this weekend. But before that started I was given a seat upgrade by one of the super helpful and friend staff in the screen, man sitting in the sofas is so good! 

The show was great, I knew some of the things that showed, but there was a lot I’d never seen before including some horrific looking Atari Porn games from the 1980s. Also loved the conversational presenting, more like hanging out with people and sharing things. There was a really funny collection of game glitches, a look at rip off games, including a very similar Pac Man rip off called Munchy. 

Then is was back into the patio area out back for more drinks and chat, this time around I spent a while talking with the great Commodore Gilgamesh, who proved to be totally cool and gave me some great advice about something very important, which if it comes off will benefit all of you Duke Warriors out there! 

Then back in for show two, Beyond The Mind’s Eye, which is a 1990s CGI music trip video, here given a brand new score by three current electronic artists, all of which performed live tonight at the show. Now I know I’d not seen this before, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I might have sold loads of copies of this in the video store back in the 1990s, if it wasn’t this then it was something with a very similar cover.

This was a fairly short show which meant the main activity ended earlier than I expected, so I hung out for a bit afterwards and then headed home for what I thought might be an earlier night. But when I got back we ended up listing to a load of the seven inch singles I’d picked up in Amoeba yesterday, so once again I’m writing this at 2AM! Tomorrow is a super busy day, with the first show starting at 11.45AM and going through until probably 2AM, I can’t wait for it all!