Everything Is Holiday – Day Three



I’ll come straight out and say that the opening night of Everything Is Festival was simply amazing! There’s no other way to put it. 

But let’s skip back to the start of the day and I decided to try and get to grips with the area I’m staying in, so I spent from 11AM until 5PM wondering around the Hollywood area and actually figuring out how everything connected. Though on a scolding hot sunny day maybe that wasn’t the best idea!

Then is was time to head to the Cinefamily for the reason I’d actually come here – Everything Is Festival! Now the opening event, Memory Hole, was free to get into and first come first served and there was no way I wasn’t going to get in. So I’d decided to get there early and just see what was happening, of course it turns out I got there way too early, but the couple of other people in the queue already were super friendly and I got chatting to them quickly and the queue built up steadily behind us. I also got to say Hi to EIT main man Dimitri, who proved to be a total 100% gentleman all the way through the evening and was just so great to chat to. 

Now bear in mind that Memory Hole is made up of so of the strangest found footage I’ve ever seen and it’s scored to make it all seem even weirder, so I had no idea what to actually expect from the show tonight. So when the doors opened and we we’re let in I had no idea what to expect in there, what we actually found was totally genius work from EIT, the entire cinema was pitch black as soon as people walked in, the only light came from two roving video cameras that we’re filming the audience coming in and then projecting it onto the screen, which in turn was being manipulated and scored by some very disturbing ambient sounds. What a great idea, we became the entertainment for the start of the night! 

Then after about 30-minutes of this, the stage came to life with a 6 foot tall slice of talking nightmare pizza, which introduced us to the Memory Hold screening. Now I’m not going to tell you anything about what we saw, it’s so amazingly odd and out there that you’ll just need to see it for yourself. Which you might well actually be able to do as I picked up one of the limited edition VHS releases of it that they had for sale straight after the show! So we’ll all have to have a get together soon so you can all experience it first hand, only probably with out the 6-foot tall talking nightmare pizza.

More super cool stuff happened, but I don’t want these blogs to get too long and for me right now it’s 2.20AM and I’m flagging badly, so here’s a look at the Memory Hole VHS:


So straight after that it was the special Samurai Cop screening with cast & crew reunion. Samurai Cop never let’s you down and the Cinefamily crowd ate this up, so great to hear so many people having a good time watching this. The cast & crew Q&A was great fun and everyone had great stories to tell about how the film came about and what happened while they filmed. 

Now the party was still going on, but I’m exhausted, the jet lag is still kicking me, really hope I get a proper sleep this time. But I have to say that the Cinefamily staff and volunteers we’re all so amazingly friendly and helpful tonight, they made me feel so welcome and so at home, they even called a taxi for me as there’s now wifi there, which means no Uber can for me. I can’t wait to get back there tomorrow now!