DukeFest Zero Loyalty Scheme!

With DukeFest Zero fast approaching we’re unveiling our festival loyalty scheme as a way of encouraging you to come along to all 4-nights! 

Yes if you come along to all 4-nights of DukeFest Zero you’ll receive this super limited Rent-A-Duke DVD! What’s it contain? Why, it’s only got an entire unseen Duke Mitchell Film Club night on it! Not only that but it’s all introduced by our regular host: Evrim! Yes we’ve filmed special introductions for each section, so it’ll be just like having a Duke night in your very own house.


It’s all brand new content as well, never before played at any of our nights! But in true Duke style we’re not going to tell you what’s on there, it’ll remain a mystery!  Do expect trailers, shorts, a feature and more though, hey we might have even put a few Easter Eggs on there for you as well… 

So how do you get one of these super-limited DVDs? Simply come to all 4-nights of DukeFest Zero and on each night collect a Duke Tough Guy Heroes card from Evrim (as pictured in the photo above), at the end of the final night we’ll award anyone with all 4 cards with their free Rent-A-Duke DVD! 

The DVD itself is super limited, we’re only making 10 of these, so don’t delay in asking Evrim for your first card, he’ll be giving them out each night!