These 11 people watched Split – you won’t believe what happened next!

Now that we’ve got you here with our terrible click-baiting hyperbole headline we can exclusively reveal that what happened next was that at some point they all went onto IMDb and wrote reviews…


Now in an effort to get you excited and intrigued about our Sci-Fi FREAKOUT night, where we’re screening Split, we thought we’d take a look at highlights from these 11 reviews and let you know what we think of their opinions. Starting with the good ones and then working our way to the people who hated it.

“There are moments of true genius in the framing and cinematography.”

100% agree here and that’s exactly why we’re showing it, it’s a marvel of ingenuity with some super stylish and unexpected visual flourishes.

“…an excellent example of what a small crew with brains and talent can do on a shoestring budget.” 

Split really is a marvel of what you can get away with if you’ve got talent and ingenuity on your side, yes it’s a hard watch at times, but it’s such a visual head trip that we really want to share it with you.

“I found that watching the film under the influence of LSD helped to deal with Audio/Video tracers from fantastic editing job.” 

Yes it really is that sort of film; it seems designed to throw you off kilter and seems to work against any established rules of regular filmmaking. And no we won’t be providing LSD on the night.

“Yes, it’s very low budget, but for its time the computer effects and sound effects are very unique and the paintings are utterly fascinating.” 

The computer sections now have a fantastically basic look which fully fall into the retro mould and even bring to mind the original Tron in places. Plus the computer sequences where created by the director’s brother, so that must have really  helped keep the budget down.

“Split is filled with ideas – almost too many for its 85 minute running time.” 

We’re getting to the core of things here as we head into the bad reviews, yes Split practically explodes with ideas, there are bits busting out all over the place, some of which you won’t catch, but that’s actually part of the reason we’re showing it.

“It’s basically The Matrix idea done on a student’s budget.” 

When he wrote this what he’s actually talking about is the split world element of the Matrix, not the kung-fu fighting machine gun blasting sections, so don’t come along expecting any of that to happen.

“Split was one of the more original films I have ever seen, though I am not entirely sure if that is good.”

We come back to the reason we’re screening this, it’s total originality, but we will admit that it’s a tough watch in places as it’s exploding with hyperkinetic energy that seems to go off in all sorts of directions.

“I only recommend seeing this film if you appreciate non-mainstream movies.” 

This reviewer really didn’t like it, but what a great line, if you’re reading this then we know you LOVE non-mainstream movies – so that’s a great endorsement for the film.

“It’s what happens when people get high, think they are creating and instead they are making fools of themselves.” 

Drug references seem to be a given constant in reviews of Split, I can see that to some people they might find this movie foolish, but come on, it’s so wild, how can you not enjoy just looking at it? It’s certainly never boring, which is the worst crime any film can commit.

“The movie is idiotic and is obviously geared towards persons who are into using drugs.” 

More drug references, but anyone saying the above about any film would make me run to watch it straight away, the reviewer detested the film but he’s playing right into our hands!

“This movie is very much like death, and you’ll agree if you survive it.”

Survive is the right word to some extent, it’s a wild experience for 85-minutes, but any movie that can actually kill you has to be seen, surely?


Join us to find out for yourself when we screen Split at our Sci-Fi FREAKOUT on Monday 28 April at Phoenix Artists Club.