O.C. & Stiggs meet the Mystery Trailers


Thanks so much to everyone who made it along last night to our Check The Gate 35MM screening of Robert Altman‘s very obscure O.C. & Stiggs, we hope you all made it through this very strange film in one piece. It was the perfect way to experience this unique entry in Altman’s filmography, on the big screen from a pristine looking 35MM print! A huge thanks to Paul and everyone at the Prince Charles Cinema for inviting us to be part of the season and big thanks to Park Circus for providing us with such a high quality print.

Plus we got to find out what was on the Mystery Trailer Reel as well, above are my notes I took while the trailer madness played out on the big screen, so what was on there? Here’s the full list:

Night Crossing (1982)

Sammy’s Super T-Shirt (1978)

Porky’s (1981)

The Rose (1979)

Never Cry Wolf (1983)

Water (1985)

The Peregrine Hunters (1978)

Crime Busters (1977)

The Fury (1978)

Firepower (1979)

Cocoon (1985)

Deep Waters (1978)

So we got super lucky with an incredibly fun and random selection, particularly the 3 super rare Children’s Film Foundation trailers, I knew there must have been a good reason I picked this reel up. Discovering what was on it with everyone last night was the perfect way to start the evening! Hope you all enjoyed them as much as we did!

The DukeFest 35MM Trailer Party


Here’s the full list of every trailer we played at the 35MM Trailer Party – Wednesday 29 June, 2016 at The Prince Charles Cinema, London. All titles are linked to their IMDb pages if you want more into on them. Big thanks to Just from FilmBar70 and Joe from Aorta Burst Film Club for joining us on the night!

The Duke Mitchell Film Club – Reel

Across 110th Street (1972)

April Fool’s Day (1986)

The Hidden (1987)

Firewalker (1986)

Ghost Story (1981)

Halloween / Assault On Precinct 13 – Double Bill Trailer (197?)

Roadhouse 66 (1985)

Freebie And The Bean (1974)

Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982)

Cigarette Burns Cinema -Reel

Booby Trap (1970)

Arnold (1973)

The Fifth Floor (1978)

Escort Girls (1974)

Lipstick (1976)

Streets Of Fire (1984)

Strip Nude For Your Killer (1975)

Who Fears The Devil (1972)

Pretty Baby (1978)

Manhunter (1986)

FilmBar70 – Reel

Tales Of The Bizarre (1970)

Obsession (1976)

Unman, Wittering And Zigo (1971)

Point Blank (1967)

Martin (1977)

The Evictors / Island Of Death – Double Bill Trailer (197?)

Reptilicus (1961)

Ben (1972)

Juggernaut (1974)

The Driver (1978)

Breathless (1983)

Aorta Burst Film Club – Reel

Mannequin (1987)

Wizards Of The Lost Kingdom (1985)

Revenge Of The Cheerleaders (1976)

Hamburger: The Motion Picture (1986)

Conquest (1983)

King Kong Lives (1986)

Eliminators (1986)

The Traveling Executioner (1970)

Surf Ninjas (1993)

Night Of The Trailers – Reel

The Gravy Train (1974)

Pardon My Blooper (1974)

Ride In A Pink Car (1974)

The Winner Of 10 Academy Awards (1977)

The Amsterdam Kill (1977)

Clay Pigeon (1971)

Uptight (1968)







The FrightFest Halloween Found Footage

This past weekend we got to unleash some of our found footage edits onto the Prince Charles Cinema screen as part of the FrightFest 2015 Halloween All-Dayer. We’d been asked to put together some pre-show compilations and I’d dropped some of our favourite oddities into the mix along with a great selection of obscure horror trailers, adverts and music videos.

Here’s our 5 found footage edits we dropped on the day, the 5th one never got played due to time issues, but if you’d been at the FrightFest film party in August then you’ll have already experienced the almighty weirdness of HULL!

35MM Sci-Fi Trailers!

This Saturday 9th May we’ll be playing a reel of vintage 35MM Sci-Fi trailers at The Prince Charles Cinema before all the screenings of Blade Runner Final Cut, the two evening showings are now Sold Out, but you can still pick up tickets for the late night show here.

Blade Runner