Starburst – Forbidden Planet Adverts – Part 2

Here’s the next batch of Forbidden Planet adverts from the pages of Starburst magazine, here we move into the early 1980s!

Starburst issue 32 – 1981 – Forbidden Planet goes international with the opening of their New York branch, it’s still there only having moved a few doors up the road.

01 Forbidden Planet NYC SB32 1981

Starburst issue 35 – 1981 – Get your VHS and Betamax at Forbidden Planet!

02 Forbidden Planet VHS SB35 1981

Starburst issue 37 – 1981 – Brian Bolland designed store t-shirts now available!

03 Forbidden Planet Tshirts SB37 1981

Starburst issue 39 – 1981

04 Forbidden Planet Escape NY SB39 1981

Starburst issue 39 – 1981

05 Forbidden Planet Posters SB39 1981

Starburst issue 40 – 1981 – Opening of Forbidden Planet 2 around the corner at 58 St. Giles High Street, London, WC2 – featuring more amazing artwork from Brian Bolland.

06 Forbidden Planet 2 SB40 1981

Starburst issue 42 – 1982

07 Forbidden Planet SB42 1982

Starburst issue 43 – 1982

08 Forbidden Planet SB43 1982

Starburst issue 58 – 1983 – Stephen King signing Christine at the Denmark St store!

09 Forbidden Planet Stephen King SB58 1983

Starburst issue 73 – 1984 – I can’t imagine these were in anyway comfortable to wear.

10 Forbidden Planet 3D Splatter SB73 1984

Starburst issue 82 – 1985 – The Uncanny X-Men signing at the store.

11 Forbidden Planet Xmen SB82 1985

Starburst – Forbidden Planet Adverts – Part 1

Back to the Starburst adverts and of course the most prominent store that featured in the magazine was the much loved Forbidden Planet. The original store was located at 23 Denmark Street, London, WC2 and hosted many signings, events, launches and much more, here’s our look at the first batch of ads:

Starburst issue 4 – 1978 – The original and classic Forbidden Planet artwork by Brian Bolland.

01 Forbidden Planet SB4 1978

Starburst issue 9 – 1979 – Neil Adams signing of The New Heroes.

02 Forbidden Planet Neil Adams SB9 1979

Starburst issue 11 – 1979

03 Forbidden Planet SB11 1979

Starburst issue 14 – 1979

04 Forbidden Planet SB14 1979

Starburst issue 17 – 1979 – Get your Alien USCSS Nostromo crew hat now!

05 Forbidden Planet Alien SB17 1980

Starburst issue 22 – 1980 – The Empire Strikes Back signing.

06 Forbidden Planet Star Wars SB22 1980

Starburst issue 23 – 1980 – Comic’s legend Will Eisner signing.

07 Forbidden Planet Will Eisner SB23 1980

Starburst issue 25 – 1980 – Judge Dredd 2000AD Annual signing

08 Forbidden Planet Judge Dredd SB25 1980

Starburst issue 26 – 1980 – Brian Bolland 2000AD Judge Dredd posters.

09 Forbidden Planet Judge Dredd SB26 1980

Starburst issue 28 – 1980 – Berni Wrightson signing event.

10 Forbidden Planet Mutants SB28 1980

Part 2 is coming tomorrow!

London Comic Book Stores – RPG Action!

Next up in our trip through the White Dwarf shop adverts we take a look at the few comic book shop ads that we came across in the first 100 issues.

Dark They Were And Golden Eyed – 9-12 St. Anne’s Court, London, W1

White Dwarf 2 – August / September 1977 – Back CoverDark They Were And Golden Eyed WD2 Aug Sep 1977 Back Cover

First up is this one off advert for London’s first comic book store: Dark They Were And Golden Eyed, which appeared on the back cover of the second issue of White Dwarf back in 1977. This is a much more trippy and 1970s style design than their later adverts would evolve into, it’s on a real one off and I’ve never seen this one before. The list of what they stock is also much wider, making it sound more like a counter culture store, which it probably was at the time. I never got to visit this store, but I’ve always been fascinated by it as it was the first of it’s kind in London.

Forbidden Planet – 23 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8NA

White Dwarf 52, April 1984Forbidden Planet WD 52 April 1984

This sleek and simplistic advert for Forbidden Planet appear for a few issues in 1984 and highlighted the stores range of role playing games at the time, as well as comics, books, film merchandise and more.

White Dwarf 21 October November 1980Forbidden Planet WD21 Oct Nov 1980

This earlier Forbidden Planet advert from 1980 highlighted one of the problems with the adverts, so many of them were just huge block of tiny text, I guess the idea was to let people know what each store actually had available, but it makes for an almost impenetrable to look at. This one for the store only appeared in the magazine once.

Coming up tomorrow Role Playing Games go mainstream!

South Of Watford – London Comics & LARPing in the 80s!

I love YouTube, you just never know what you’re going to find out there, case in point being that I stumbled upon this amazing 1987 episode of the ITV show South Of Watford which looks at the late 1980s comic boom. This is such a fun watch and looks so incredibly 80s, highlights include actual footage from inside the original Forbidden Planet on Denmark Street, footage from one of the Westminster Comic Marts, Watchmen, Wendy James from Transvision Vamp talking about Halo Jones, a young looking Neil Gaiman plus plenty of West End streets!

PLUS that lead on to find the South Of Watford episode from 1984 looking at fantasy role playing games with lots of Dungeons & Dragons action plus a look at very early LARPing and it’s presented by Ben Elton of all people, this is equally amazing, you have to check out the fantastically grumpy man in the games shop!



And as a bonus here the Blue Peter report on LARPing at the same location…