Top 5 Things We Learned At DukeFest

We like to think that DukeFest is educational as well as fun, so here’s the Top 5 things we learned this year!

1) Hamma Horra taught us that there’s only one person to call if you’ve got legal trouble: Mark Jones!

2) 23 Wolves taught us how to tell if our kids are involved in a Satanic Cult!

3) Deeper Understanding taught us the one most vital question to ask when dealing with those pesky Evolutionsists! “Excuse me Mr. Scientist, where you there?”

4) Grimy Ghost help us answer the question: “Are there animals in Heaven?”

5) And finally Rem Lazar filled us in on how to get street smart with the help of Kareen Abdul-Jabbar!

What did you learn at DukeFest?

DukeFest 2015 Loyalty Scheme


Want to go the distance with The Duke? Want to prove your dedication to exploring the outer reaches of cinematic obscurities? Want to get your hands on some super limited and super weird goodies?

Then come and join us for all 4-nights of DukeFest and you can fulfill all your dreams at once. Yes if you attend all our Dukefest events this year then you’ll be rewarded with the following exclusive goodies:

The Rent-A-Duke 2  – sit back and enjoy a specially curated DVD that recreates a Duke night on your own TV screen. You’ll get specially shot intros from Evrim along with Trailer Trash, a short film, a mystery main feature and various other surprises. All the content is brand new and we’ve never screened any of it at a Duke night before.

Eleganza: The Other Stuff Fanzine  – a limited edition fanzine only available in this set that highlights all the non Eleganza adverts and pictures that we found while researching the Eleganza clothing range.

Mystery Artwork – a hand finished unique piece of artwork with a film theme, we won’t say any more but you’ll never guess what we’ve created for this.

You’ll also get a few extra surprises bonus things, which all depends on what we’ve got to give away.

Now that’s quite a lot of separate bits, so to keep it all together your goodies will come in a stylish 10inch pizza box! (Not a used one)

Now we’re only making 10 of these sets, so to get one you’ll have to get a DukeFest voucher each night from Evrim, there are 10 vouchers each night, collect all 4 and you’ll be given your DukeFest pizza box of love at the end of the final night. So come and join us for 4-nights of film CHAOS!



The Great VHS Experiment Part 3: The Rewind

Join us at #DukeFest 2015 for our VHS Night on Monday 29 June at Phoenix Artist Club​ – one of the highlights of the night is the return of The Great VHS Experiment, where you’ll get to pick what we play on the screen as we explore our pile of mysterious tapes, here’s a small sample of the tapes we’ll have on the night!

05 VHS Experiment