Mama, Papa, Zombie (1984)

A fun find today via our good friend Kosmas, here’s a German TV documentary from 1984 looking at the boom in VHS horror films in Germany and how they maybe effect kids and teenagers. Turns out German documentaries on this subject seem to turn out just as inconclusive s any other countries, a lot of talk about not vert much, but it’s still a fun watch along for us! It’s all in German with no subtitles, but if you use the YouTube auto translate option you can just about follow along.

The title of the documentary “Mama, Papa, Zombie” is explained in the show.

A real highlight is when a group of unsuspecting parents sit down to watch Lucio Fulci‘s City Of The Living Dead – it doesn’t go down well!

Watch the full documentary now and don’t forget to turn on auto translate!